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Skiing Glide
Come winter and the surrounding areas of Manali offer some of the best powder of the World. Glide down the Himalayas on Skies or do the new trendy sport - Snowboarding. After ascending the powder covered mountains by Helicopter, experienced Skiers and Snowboarders have a thrilling ride, down to the deep valleys.

Snowboarding Glide
The moderate Skier / Snowboarder, we drive up on four wheel drive jeeps and also provide guides and porters. For the beginners, the Solang Valley, 13 km from Manali offers ideal conditions with introductory slopes and ski lifts. Also cross-country skiing is practiced here. You can buy any Ski / Snowboard related winter sport options on daily and weekly packages.

The powder skiing at Manali is exceptional! Our location at approximately 34 N. latitude, roughly equivalent to Los Angeles, gives us long days, and a variety of exposures allows us to ski both with or against the sun. The altitude allows much greater "back radiation" than other areas, which creates excellent recrystallised powder. Manali is known for having one of the deepest snowpacks in the entire Himalaya, and due to our continental climate, snowfalls tend to be of low moisture content. As an added bonus, the potential is vast for terrific, spring corn-snow skiing!

ur vast terrain is well suited to strong intermediate expert skiers. Manali sits by the Beas river at an altitude of roughly two thousand metres, surrounded by beautiful deodar cedar forests and huge peaks soaring to more than six thousand metres. Under certain conditions we can ski to the valley floor through massive Cedar forests, but most skiing takes place on long rolling ridge lines; through glades of birch and oak trees; down steep cirque bowls or on huge undulating glaciers. Both during and after storms the skiing in the trees is excellent.

he altitudes at which we ski vary depending on group fitness and ability, the interests of the group and the snow and weather conditions. HHS has wonderful conditions at the same elevations as resorts in America and Europe, but the opportunity exists to ski on what is truly the roof of the world. Most skiing takes place between high valley floors around two thousand, seven hundred metres and ridges at four thousand, three hundred metres, with vertical averaging between nine hundred metres and twelve hundred metres. However, some of our most spectacular terrain is as high as five thousand metres. Please note that we do not require anyone to ski at these altitudes and our guides reserve the right to deny access to these higher altitude runs to anyone for any reason whatsoever. hile the Manali region is generally blessed with excellent weather, HHS must stress that we operate in a wilderness environment, and that our guests will be skiing in wilderness conditions. Most of the time, the skiing is very good, but conditions can change quickly, and you may encounter some difficult or poor skiing. Our guides will attempt to find the best snow possible, but you must be prepared to accept whatever Nature gives us!

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