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Folk dance at Kullu district is Naati and it is performed in group. Naati not only performed during fuctions but also while worshiping the local dieties. It is a group dance by both male and female and Dhol, Nagara, Shehnai, Karnal and Ransinghe are the popular music instruments palyed during Naati with the folk songs.

Female dancer wear traditional Kulluvi woollen dress over their clothes called Pattu. Pattu is a woolen cloth little bigger than shwel which have beautiful embroidery of woollen threads. Pattu is tied with the pins with silver chain and women wear lots of silver and golden ornaments. Their heads is covered with a pice of cloth called Dhatu and they wear the handmade footewear called Pullas.

While on the other hand, the male dancer wear a long woollen coat with pleats called Chola and tight woolen pant called Suthan and Chola is tied on the waist with the help of a piece of clothes called Dora. Male also wear a woollen cap with hanging garland made up of colourful threads.

One can see this dance during some function in Manali or even during season period local Naati is also arranged by Himachal Tourism al Mall Road Manali to entertain tourists. Last year more than 8000 females dancers of Kullu Valley danced togreather in Kullu Dusherra and made a record. This local dance shows the rich culture of Kullu Manali.

Kullu Fold Dance Kullu Folk Dance

Kullu Fold Dance Manali Folk Dance