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Here will let you know about the adventure sports in Manali that is adding the thrill to your tour. The Valley of Gods, Manali is a slop hill station with superb atmopshere, mountain, warm hot sulpher water springs, and much more. The lovely green valley pulls in drifters to hand out in radical towns, families to feel the cool air and explorers to various types of games. To promote the mountaineering and partnered sports the Mountaineering Institute second of its kind in the nation was built up at Chidhyari close to hot springs of Vashisht temple in September 1961. High altitute trekking was likewaise begun in 1970 and from that point so as to lead enterprise and rock climbing, particular courses were presented. Now it is in Alep left bank of Manali well known as Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports.

Here are some best adventure sports in Manali :-


On one side and beautiful cascading river on the other side, Manali is an ideal place for River Rafting. It is one heart racing adventure that gets thrill seeking travellers on their toes. River rafting is one adventure excursion for all adremanine junkies. Brace yourself for a thrilling experience while manoeuvring your raft as this is one adventure which is all about teamwork.

What is best about embarking on rafting expedition in Manali is that the adjoining landscapes comprising of stunning mountain ranges, cascading beas river and commendable river rafting camps with all the necessary facilities makes this place and ideal location for beginners as well as ardent adbventurists.

One of the most remarkable feature about river rafting in Manali is that the rafting suits the needs and requirements of all kinds of visitors – whether you are a hard core adventurists or just a group of friends looking for something new and riverting. Gush into that amazing feeling of achievement once you successfully complete your rafting expedition whth other group members. Forget the fear and get ready for a memorable experience. River Rafting in Manali usually begins in March and ends in Novermber.


Celebrated for its ski slants and most recent best in class ropeway. Manali is an excellent valley with captivating perspectives of snow topped mountains, thich conifer woodland, lavish green knolls and a winding stream. It is a host to a range of enterprise exercises and can likewise encounter adventure sports in manali like climbing, outdoors, navigating, snow mobiling, zorbing, mountain biking, quad riding, horse riding, etc.

Taking a magnificent ride in Ropeway to Mt Phatru at a rise of 3200 mts what's more charming its amazing perspectives is defintely an once in an existence time experience. The valley is likewise honored with a characteristics ice shivling which shapes in winter and stays till late summer at Anjani Mahadev.

River Crossing

On the off chance that you are wanting to travel Manali and hating River crossing then you are missing a standout amongst the most evergizing adventure sports in manali. Waterway intersection is a standout amongst the most prominent up and coming adventur in Manali. It is entirely acclaimed among kids furthermore for grownups.

The action can be delighted in at Van Vihar, Solang Valley, Club House, Old Manali and some other different locations like Raison, Kullu, etc. Stream crossing can be perilous movement if proficient coach is not with you or there been late substantial downpour.

Cost of River crossing in Manali is approx Rs 200/- Per Person


The Solang valley which is aof now celebrated for skiing and paragliding, additionally offer its guests to appreciate a novel adventure in manali. It is an inflatable pvc ball whichcontains another littler ball that is suspended into position by thousand bylon strands of fluctuating hues that is appropriate just for grass slant in winter. Move down the somewhat inclining Solang Valley in a tremendous straightforward ball, and appreciate the prespectives from each point.

Zorbing includes slipping into the enourmous balls and strapping yourself up at the highwst point of mountain and afterward sliding down the same chich is regularly helped by the coordinatore who keeps running along your ball. The action can be delighted in by two individuals at any given time if they coordinate as far as possible. The charges for this action reply on upon the length you cover with the zorb and for the most part this separation is around 100 mts.

Minimum cost for Zorbing is Rs 400 Per Person



Surf along majestic mountains and get intimate with deep blue skies while paragliding in Manali. On must possess nerves to steel to make the initial jump, after all it is considerably one of the most challenging adventure sports in Manali. Riding the thermals and sailing the blue sky like the Himalayan Eagle can be thrilling exprerience. Paragliding facilities are available at Soalng Valley and Marhi. Tourist are advised to undertake the sport only through the operators who are registered with the Tourism Department. Also insist on the pilot showing hyou his registration liscence issued by the Admin.

There are generally two kinds of flights

Shoft Flight : one has to go 100 - 200 up at slope and taks a flight along with the pilot in the two seater paraglider. the flight lasts for aprx 1 to 2 minutes.

High Fly: Aprox 20 minutes flight and arranged at Fatru, Marhi etc and Bijli Mahadev Mainly for experienced pilots who have done short flights.

Minimum cost short fly is Rs 700 Per Person and of High Fly is Rs 3000 per person



HPTDC gives day licenses to angling. We offer angling trips in Haripur, Patlikul, Raison with the accomplished guide, and angling hardwar. In angling and calculating, one invest a recreation energy as well as take few tacts of getting a fish. Hooking a fish energizes the individual all things considered. A Fisher's heaven. himachal has a few spots for both trout and mahaseer and other fishes.

Acclaimed as the best game on the planet, both brown and ranbow trout are to be found in Himachal streams. Upstream of rohru in pabbar valley, there are a few spots perfect for angling. on the waterway giri, gaura and the beat close dadahu and the stream yamuna downstream of paonta sahib are great spts for mahaseer.


Clock Climbing

Rock climbing is dealt with as an essential phase of mountain climbing which incorporate climbing a stone face utilizing just hands feet and wellbeing rope. Immaculate rock climbing territories in Manali are Aleo, Shuru, and Kothi. The best portion of rock moving in these territories is the accessibility of the stone elemnts like chunks dividers and shades. the region around Manali offers some outstanding rock climbing spots.

Some of our top choices are close to Vashisht, Solang Valley and Manali Mountaineering Institute. you require no past rock climbing knowledge and customary climbing can be sorted out, all custome made to your capacity. The neighbourhood offer choices for everybody from complete apprentices to some exremely envergising cources most appropriate for the progeressed. Climbing boots are required however all otehr climbing hardware a teacher and transport from Manali and back is concorporated as per the package deals.