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Vashisht Temple

Vashisht Temple in Manali is dedicated to sage Vashisht in the village. It is located 2.5 kms from Manali and 45 Kms from Kullu across the River Beas. It is a tiny village with sulpher water springs (Chashma). Coming from the mountains the sulpher water gush hot and medicinal endowed with great healing power and eliminate all skin deseases. Along with this popularity are the 2 famous temples Vashisht and of Lord Rama. One can see the natural beauty of snow peaked mountains from this place along with River Beas flowing between the banks. This place is quite famous for foriegn tourists. One can get all types of accommodations here. Budget as well as Luxury. The main luxury Hotel Manu Allaya (Also known as Ambassador Resorts) is also in Vashisht.

Vashisht also have some famous restaurants providing special dishes for French, German peoples. Pasty shops are quite famous at Vashisht. One can enjoy the bath at Hot Sulpher Springs. There are seperate bathroom ponds for Gents and Ladies.

In their move about without a definite purpose the Pandavas and their mother, came to the territory of Hadimb Rakshash after escaping from wax house. Bhima fell in love with Haimba and wanted to marry her but the condition was that he could marry her only after killing the brother. Both lived in the area for about one year and then he joined his brother and mother. On the other side Hadimba gave birth to a son 'Ghototkachh'. , Hadimba looked after her country till the time ghototkach was a child. She withdran to the hills for meditation at Dhungri Van Vihar etc.. Thereafter a Temple was raised and She became Hadimba Devi. She was having supernatural powers and was kind to her people. Hadimba became the patron-deity of the Rajas of Kullu .